Monday, May 5, 2008

Corn Soup

Whenever I miss Melly, I make this soup.  Throughout the many years of dining together, we ate this regularly.  It's a Stephanie Alexander recipe that usually includes crab meat which strangely, and for no particular reason, I have never included.  Over the years, I've adjusted Stephanie's ingredient measurements, basically adding more of everything. This recipe makes around 2-3 bowls.  We (Luke and me) like it really thick but you could always add a little more stock which would stretch it out a little.

6 x corn cobbs grated 
4 x spring onions finely chopped
2 x tbsp grated ginger
600mls vegie stock
2 x tbsp light soy sauce
2 x tbsp mirin
1 x tbsp corn flour
2 x tbsp water
2 x tsp sesame oil
big pinch of salt
2 x eggs
2 x tsp vegetable oil

How to make:
Grate the corn from the cobs.  A messy experience but the luscious colour of yellow will make it all better.  

Grate the ginger, and finely chop the spring onion.

In a large pot, fry up spring onion and ginger in a little oil.  

Pour in 600ml of vegie stock then add the corn, soy and mirin.  Bring to boil, then simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Mix the cornflour, water and sesame oil together in a cup then add to the soup.

Beat the eggs with salt and vegie oil (in the same used cup) then trail into the soup. Then stir, stir, stir.

Adjust to your taste adding either soy or mirin.
Garnish with a little chopped spring onion and a dash of soy and there you have it - a delicious, sweet, corn soup.  So, whenever you need a Melly fix, make this soup, crack a beer and reminisce of the good 'ol days, like I do...

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